I was very pleased with the whole process and duly impressed with the pre-mediation efforts. I have never had that other than a pre-mediation call. I really got the impression that the mediator was pushing both sides. Lately I have felt in other mediations with other mediators that the carrier comes with a pre-set max $ and the mediators have been throwing up their hands and saying, oh well, sorry nothing I can do, which is a colossal waste of everyone’s time. I did NOT get that impression today which was a welcome surprise, frankly. I felt that the defense paid more than they wanted and while I took less than what we wanted, I thought it was fair.

Mr. Alimonti was instrumental in getting this case settled. Even before we sat down for the mediation itself, he spent time going between the parties by phone and via e-mail negotiating and making sure that I was communicating key facts and law to my adversary in order to bring us closer together. That said, the conversations remained focused on the key areas of dispute, and when we did finally sit down for the mediation, we were able to get the case settled rather quickly. I would highly recommend Mr. Alimonti as a mediator.

This was by far the best mediator in the several cases I have had – the parties started out a lot further apart but the dogged and determined follow-up by this mediator really pushed a deal through – by the time we got to court for the session, the road was well paved. Excellent Mediator!

I truly appreciated Rick’s approach. He was thoroughly prepared, professional, and my client felt he was appreciative of her perspective. I have already recommended Rick to others and would jump to us him again.

He was even-handed, rational, sensitive to the parties; concerns and constraints, well-versed in the law, and creative in finding solutions. . . . Alimonti exhibited skill and empathy and again, both sides responded positively. He possesses a remarkable ability to listen carefully and patiently, and move beyond perceived obstacles to settlement. In short, he is compassionate but firm.